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Toxin Avenger Max* Master Detox & Cleansing Support For Dogs And Cats*

Toxin Avenger Max* Master Detox & Cleansing Support For Dogs And Cats*

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The liver and kidneys manage the majority of your pet's toxin elimination process. Antioxidants can assist the liver in this process, and TOXIN AVENGER may help offer gentle but effective cleansing support to help remove toxins, toxicants and other pollutants from the animal body found in the blood, tissues, organs, cells and cell lining.

TOXIN AVENGER MAX* may also help remove inorganic compounds, synthetic derivatives and other chemical pollutants, for a deeper systemic level of liver and kidney cleansing, with possible rehabilitative functional value as your pet moves through Phases I, II and III of detoxification.

TOXIN AVENGER is not suggested to be used as a daily liver and kidney support and is suggested for short term use only. If your animal has ever used steroid drugs, prednisone, prednisilone, meticorten, dexamethasone, etc.) or antibiotic regimens, TOXIN AVENGER may assist in helping address the need for a deeper systemic cleanse, since synthetic compounds can remain in your pet's body for a lifetime, lining tissues, cells and organs. If you are planning on adding a daily liver and kidney supportive regimen, it is generally recommended that you first remove the more deeply entrenched compounds mentioned above. It is similar to the saying "in with the new, and out with the old" for any herbal remedy to be its most effective.

Holistic use of TOXIN AVENGER may include to help address cleansing and detoxifying actions in the body; to help detoxify from antibiotic, NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen); steroids, pesticides and flea, tick and heart worm medications and vaccinations.

TOXIN AVENGER may help support the following:

May help cleanse the colon, may help detoxify the bowels and may help support healthy waste elimination.

May help improve bad or foul smelling breath.

May help remove inorganic compounds and fillers commonly found in low quality foods that can accumulate in the body.

May help address conditional needs related to parasitic infestations including ringworm, roundworm, hookworm, whip worm and tapeworm.

May help relieve scooting? in pets related to allergies and inflammation in the intestinal tract and gut.

Probiotic digestive support help address digestive upset

Holistic use for conditional needs related to Giardia, E. coli and Candida.

Once you have used for a potential deeper systemic cleanse, you may consider adding Love Your Liver, a gentle daily use liver and kidney tonic. While young healthy pets are unlikely to require a daily liver support, all pets over the age of 2, especially senior, immuno-compromised and convalescing pets, may benefit from daily use of liver and kidney support products over their lifetime. As always, consult with a holistic vet to determine whether and how liver-supporting remedies may be of benefit to your companion.

*as suggested by holistic veterinarians


Gelatin capsule. Contains a proprietary herbal blend which includes Cat's Claw Extract and Carqueja,

Real turkey flavored capsules and powder.

Our capsules are certified Kosher and Halal, and meet all requirements of European Pharmacopoeia (EP), and the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).


DO NOT GIVE TO PUPPIES OR KITTENS. Do not use if your pet is pregnant, nursing, hypotensive, hypoglycemic, has low blood pressure, uncontrolled diarrhea or an intestinal obstruction, is using diuretics or immune suppressants or is scheduled for surgery within 2 weeks. May potentiate heart, diuretic, diabetic, immune suppressive and CNS depressive medications.


May interact with cardiac, hypertension, immune suppressants, diuretic, diabetic, Digoxin (Lanoxin) and Warfarin (Coumadin), CNS depressive medications and drugs for liver conditions.


Cautioned for pets diagnosed with IBD, abdominal pain (diagnosed or undiagnosed), intestinal blockage, loose stools, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, appendicitis, stomach inflammation, anal prolapse, hemorrhoids or pets scheduled for surgery within 2 weeks. Cautioned for use for more than 30 days without using a pet friendly Probiotic. Considered safe for constipated adult cats or dogs.


Dogs and cats up to 12 pounds: 1 capsule daily.

Dogs and cats 13-25 pounds: 1 capsule, two times daily.

Dogs and Cats 26-50 pounds: 2 capsules, two times daily.

Dogs 51-100 pounds: 3 capsules, two times daily.

May split 1 capsule two times daily.

Suggested to add a pet friendly Probiotic to diet in the event your pet experiences microbial die off from detoxing and cleansing. Microbial die off is a common response if your pet has systemic toxicity, also known as toxic burden or toxic load. Supplementing with a Probiotic should help maintain or help reset healthy native gut flora.

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