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As more and more uses have been found and lots asked for it - we are now offering our Brilliant Balm in a lip balm tube, so handy to have one in each pocket, home and car as it's great for lips and apply immediately after a bug bite to take the sting and itch out! Just don't mix your lip one with the one for puppy's paws!
The third in the trifecta of the SMART oil family, Brilliant balm takes a traditional balm recipe (which we used in our Lizzy T's Paw Potion) and boosted it by adding Smart Oil. Useful year round on dry cracked pads and noses. Provides protection in the winter against cold, snow and ice. Provides a gentle moisture barrier when absorbed, helping to prevent moisture loss and therefore conditioning the area.
(Also found useful as a gardeners hand balm!)
Ingredients; Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Colloidal Silver, Vitamin E, Copaiba Oil, Sangre De Drago (AKA Croton/Dragon's Blood).
Directions; Apply to paw pads before going out in the snow/ice or on salted roads to help protect. Alternatively, apply to clean paws after bathing for moisturising. Helps with Hyperkeratosis. Use daily on dry noses.
Hyperkeratosis is a thickening of the skin which can occur in cats and dogs on their paws or nose. Hyperkeratosis occurs when too much keratin, or the fibrous proteins that comprise the outer layer of skin, is overproduced. This leads to excessive skin, which becomes hard, thickened, dried out, and callous-like. It can also appear to look like "hairy" pads or noses and can be painful. The combining of our Smart Oil into a regular balm base can help with the pain and inflammation and give your pet comfort, which we think is, well, BRILLIANT!
Available in a 2oz tin & now in a 4g lip balm size.
Although many of the ingredients are USDA certified organic we are not labeling this as organic - we believe in truth in marketing and know that simply calling something "organic" means nothing without proper certification.
Slight colour/odour/texture/scent difference between bottles? Don't worry, all of our formulas including each raw ingredient is quality and lab tested in our own facilities to meet the standards before it is added in and manufactured. The natural nature of our selected and approved ingredients can therefore vary between batches. This is expected and completely normal.
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