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Endo Support Meal Topper For Dogs And Cats* Natura Petz Organics

Endo Support Meal Topper For Dogs And Cats* Natura Petz Organics

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ENDO SUPPORT* represents a proprietary, revolutionary formula of structural and signaling adaptogen botanical and natural herbal phytochemicals that may nutritionally help support your pet's innate Endo System.

Our ENDO SUPPORT* formula may help nutritionally signal your pet's innate Endo System, may help stimulate the function of specialized receptors found throughout the animal body and may help encourage the production of these vital receptors as well as better enable your pet to produce Endo phytochemicals.

The Endo System is a complex signaling system belonging to all mammals, including dogs and cats, and is part of the central and peripheral nervous systems, immune and neurological system plus all organs, The Endo System contains receptors that are tasked with receiving and responding to nutritional phytochemicals naturally found in your pet's body.

The Endo System is involved in a number of body responses related to hunger, pain, illness, mood, inflammation, immune health and memory. It functions, in part, like an intuitive auto sensing system. For example, when appetite has been lost, it will help provoke an involuntary response to resume eating, however, in cases of normal appetite, it will not stimulate hunger.

The Endo System may help nourish and stimulate the Endo System receptors that are found in the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and immune cells. The Endo System is also tasked with maintaining immune and cellular balance internally, known as homeostasis, despite external forces that might otherwise interrupt balance in the animal's systems.

The right combination of herbs may help not only optimize the overall health and wellness of the Endo System, but may also help regulate the performance of natural phytochemcials produced, how they are utilized in the body and may help potentiate their effectiveness.

Did you know that if your pet is not using a product that stimulates the Endo System, that system is in dysfunction, and it has a direct impact on many other body systems, including Central Nervous, Endocrine, Immune, Cardiovascular, Circulatory, Respiratory, Digestive and Elimination systems.


Our proprietary Master Blend includes organic adaptogen super foods, fruits, herbs and marine extracts.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not administer if pet is pregnant, nursing, scheduled for surgery within 2 weeks or following an organ or bone marrow transplant or skin graft. Cautioned for use with aspirin, blood thinners, blood pressure, anti-platelet, diabetic and non-steroidal drugs, gall stones, a bile duct obstruction or estrogen related cancer.

Direction for Use

Add powder to your dog or cat's meal daily. May also be used for home prepared meals and treats.

Pet's Weight Amount 1x Daily

1-10 lbs 1 heaping scoop, 1 time daily or 1/8 tsp 11-25 lbs 1 heapingscoop, 2 times daily or 1/4 tsp 26-50 lbs 2 heaping scoops, 2 times daily or 1/2 tsp 51-75 lbs 3 heaping scoops, 2 times daily or 3/4 tsp 76+ lbs 4 heaping scoops, 2 times daily or1 tsp Use for at least 30 days to see initial results.

Dog or Cat Meal Topper contains approximately 120 heaping scoops.

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