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Self -Cleaning Cat Litter Box for Multiple Cats , Scooping Automatically , Suitable for all kinds of cat litter, Secure,Odor Removal , App Control, Support 5G&2.4G WiFi.

Self -Cleaning Cat Litter Box for Multiple Cats , Scooping Automatically , Suitable for all kinds of cat litter, Secure,Odor Removal , App Control, Support 5G&2.4G WiFi.

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Features You'll Love: Auto/Smart/Self Clean. It automatically cleans itself after each use by separating waste from clean litter and depositing it in the waste drawer below.
Know Your Cat Well: Aside one-click replacement of cat litter, App(android / iOS only) remote control can help you monitor cat situation in real time. Every cat can be recognized and recorded individually, it will keep the record of every cat's toilet habits. You can check your cat's health management reports anytime .
Multiple Safety Protection Design: Anti- pinch cat safety hatch, four gravity sensors, fault Sound Effect Reminder, infrared sensor, smart detection. Since 2018, thousands of cat lovers have chosen this box, no accidents involving cats.
Odor Removal: Independently developed purifying device releases ozone to remove unpleasant odors. After each excrement shoveling, it will purify automatically to remove peculiar smell timely,keep the air fresh.
Three Modes Available: Scheduled-cleaning Mode, Auto-cleaning Mode and Sleep Mode. Working state noise is about 35dB, quiet for reading or sleep.
Support Most Cat Little: It's suitable for Tofu Litter, Bentonite litter, Sodium based litter, Mixed Litter and all other kinds of cat litters, except crystal cat litters.
High Capacity & Large Space: 10L large capacity can support more than two weeks off , you don't need scoop, clean or refill the cat litter box.
Easy to Disassemble and Wash: There is no need to assemble. It is easy to disassemble without tools. The top cover, hatch and toilet bin are all washable.
5G Support &Warranty: 1-year guarantee and free replacement. Search for "HM pet "APP in App store.You can follow the OPERATION VIDEO connect the box to your phone, it support 5G&2.4G. If you have any questions , please contact us.

Safety, the top priority.
Protect your pet with three layers of advanced safety technology that stop working whenever your cat is detected. Secure induction motor protection. Physical separation anti-pinch device. Gravity sensing device stop when cat step on.
Clearance Function
Easy for you to simply and replace cat litter. When it needs to be cleaned and replaced at one time, you can press and hold the button for more than 7s and release it after hearing the emit a didi, or use the clearing button in the mobile APP to perform the clearing operation.
Connected Smart Home App
Remotely take track of your cats situation.You can access and adjust settings and view activity reports anywhere you have an internet connection.
Easy to Disassemble ,Screw Free
There is no need to assemble after receiving .when cleaning it, you don't need to screw down.It can be easily disassembled in 10 seconds. Major parts are washable. We recommend cleaning the trash can at least once a week, the frequency of cleaning depends on the cat's family.
High Capacity&Large Space
The large interior space provides a good toileting experience for cats.It has 10L waste drawer and 6L cat litter capacity, which can support 2 weeks without cleaning. Don't worry when the pet owner on short trips. It is suitable for cats: 2.2lb-17.64lb.

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