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XPOWER SMK-3 Professional Pet Grooming Force Air Dryer Stand Mount Kit

XPOWER SMK-3 Professional Pet Grooming Force Air Dryer Stand Mount Kit

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The XPOWER Force Air Dryer Stand Mount Kit is the best way to mobilize XPOWER Professional Force Air Pet Dryers, providing your grooming area with easier accessibility amongst multiple groomers! This 2018 edition is compatible with pet dryers that come with improved secure screw-on hoses/nozzle attachments, including models B-4, B-24, B-25, and B-27. The Stand Mount Kit includes a steel adjustable stand pipe (34"- 49") hydraulic lift with 5 foldable legs, star-shaped bracket for improved leg stability, 5 lockable, roller wheels that expand to a space saving 20" floor diameter, as well as a Mounting Cradle for securing the XPOWER Forced Air Pet Dryers to the Stand Pipe. The Cradle has 2 unique securing locks for easy on and off dryer operation, 4 nozzle attachment storage stations, and 2 dryer hose clips to keep accessories where they belong. Additionally, you have the option to convert your XPOWER force dryer to a hands-free experience with the included Stand Conversion Arm (SCA); the SCA easily screws on and the non-slip nozzle can be rotated to direct airflow. XPOWER extends the same top design criteria to this highly stable, movable dryer platform as any other product!

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