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Dog'/Cat's Wheel of Fortune

Dog'/Cat's Wheel of Fortune

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Pet's Fortune Wheel The Pet's Fortune Wheel poses a new challenge for your dog. Unlike flat board games, in which the dog/cat e.g. has to move pieces with his nose or his paw to get a reward, the Pet's Fortune Wheel requires your pet to spin the wheel vertically. The cylinder has four segments separated by thin wooden walls and each segment has holes. Three segments have holes with a diameter of about 10 mm (they will not let the recommended treats fall out) and in one segment holes have a diameter of about 12 mm - they are big enough to let the treats recommended by My Intelligent Pets(R) get through. Once the wheel turns, treats fall out. There is an opening on the side of the cylinder which is used to refill the wheel with treats. Size of the treats should be carefully selected so that they can easily fall out through the bigger holes. Here's how it works: Step 1 Open the lock located on the side of the cylinder. Fill the empty space with a handful of treats and close the lid. Step 2 Encourage your dog by spinning the wheel - with his nose or his paw - to play the game, so that he can get the reward. Step 3 Praise your dog each time he manages to get a treat out of the wheel. Hints You can increase the difficulty level of the game by sealing some of the holes with a duct tape. Play with your dog and encourage him to solve the task. Stay calm, be patient and continue to explain the game to your dog until he understands it. Do not let your dog play unsupervised and intervene when he starts to bite the game. Let your dog play with the game no longer than 10 minutes, otherwise he might lose his interest in the game. Distract him with something else and put the game away for a little while. A few days break from Dog's Fortune Wheel and playing with other games from My Intelligent Dogs(R) games collection will let your dog enjoy the Dog's Fortune Wheel game anew each time you give it to him. Suitable treats Please use only dry treats. The diameter of treats should be below 12 mm.

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