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Critter Tunnel Sleep and Play

Critter Tunnel Sleep and Play

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Petique Critter Tunnel Sleep and Play is an excellent way to satisfy your small pets natural tunneling instinct while promoting play and exploration. Watch as your cute little pets chase each other in and out of the tunnel, have play-fights, and use them to lure and ambush each other! After an exhausting playtime, they can relax and nap on the soft and comfy fabric.

  • Comfortable soft material that creates a great place to cuddle and nestle
  • Provides a comfortable and fun environment to play in
  • Two lookout openings that allow your small animals to keep an eye on their surroundings
  • Keeps your pets busy
  • Designed to give your pet a sense of security
  • Durable fabric to resist scratching

  • Great for one pet to entertain themselves
  • Great for multiple pets to play with each other
  • Tunnels are great for cats because they are able to indulge in behaviors they'd naturally exhibit in the wild like running, hiding, playing and pouncing
  • Perfect for pets who like to play hid and seek
  • Small animals still need to feel protected and secure when they sleep
  • Great for active pets who need to exert their energy so they don't keep you up at night
  • Let us know in the reviews how the Critter Tunnel Sleep and Play benefits you and your pets
Care Instruction
  • Machine washable (gentle machine in a laundry wash bag)
  • Delicate cycle and tumble dry on no heat
  • Do not bleach
  • Keep away from heat or open flame


27.95"L X 27.95"W X 9.44"H

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