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Long Time No See Max* Capsules - Vision & Ocular Health Support In Dogs And Cats*

Long Time No See Max* Capsules - Vision & Ocular Health Support In Dogs And Cats*

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LONG TIME NO SEE* CAPSULES is a Master Blend of herbals and marine extracts formulated to help support normal eye function and vision health in dogs and cats and is used in a traditional herbal medical system to help support the proper maintenance of ocular strength and delicate tissues of the cornea, retina and macula.

LONG TIME NO SEE* contains adaptogen super foods, fruits and herbs, which have been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as some of the most important antioxidants plants for all mammals.

Adaptogens are highly specialized plants and marine extracts which carry out what we call the "3 R Function" or "Read, Repair and Restore." Adaptogens first may help read or identify stress and dysfunction in the body; next they may help repair nutritionally and phytochemically and lastly, may help restore balance in body systems, also known as homeostasis.

LONG TIME NO SEE* CAPSULES contains a diverse array of nutritional and phytochemical supports, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, and E, flavonoids, polyphenols terpenes, triterpenes,proanthocyanidins, taspine lignans, a variety of fatty acids, selenium, calcium, protein, thiamin, including beta-carotene and lycopene carotenoids plus naturally occurring antioxidant carotenoids including lutein, astaxanthin and zeaxanthin) ; silica, tannins, esters, resveratrol, quercetin, sterols, polysaccharides, chlorophyll, glucose, potassium, phosphorous, iron, lysophosphatidic acids (LPA), plus the amino acids serine, valine and leucine; co-factor enzymes, alpha-pinene and d-limonene.

LONG TIME NO SEE* CAPSULES also containnaturally occurring MSM, glucosamine and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids,which have been studied for their role in lubricating blood vessels and cell membranes to the eyes, plus have remarkable potential collagen production capabilities related to proteoglycan andglycosaminoglycan content, which may help directly affect all connective and structural tissues in the body related to eye, blood vessel integrity and function, myelin sheath, plus bone mass, bone strength, cartilage and muscle health.

Specific vitamins (like vitamins A, C and E), primary carotenoids such as dietarybeta-carotene, lutein and lycopene and antioxidantcarotenoids such as astaxanthin and zeaxanthin all play a vital role in maintaining eye health and are used holistically as potential disease fighting antioxidants, with specific roles to help feed and nourish the retina. macula and cornea, may help reduce interocular pressure, may help maintain proper lubrication in eye tissues, may help support smooth muscle function, and may help support tear film balance in the eyes.

A simple introduction to naturally occurring mixed carotenoid values in supporting ocular health.

Lutein may help support blue light absorption by the eyes and may help fight against free radicals and cellular oxidative damage to the eye tissues.

Astaxanthin may help provide nutritional support for eye health which are commonly lacking in modern diets. Normally our dogs and cats would obtain these types of critical tissues from prey they eat in the wild.

With most pets eating some form of kibble, LONG TIME NO SEE* may help supply vital sources of naturally occurring connective tissue and premium nutrition missing in our pet's modern diets that simply cannot be replicated in synthesized foods.

Zeaxanthinis an antioxidant carotenoid found in your pet's retina, which helps support essential eye tissues, including the lens and macula. It is used by holistic veterinarians in traditional medical systems to help address the conditional needs of cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration in dogs and cats.

Myelin sheath is critically important not only to help support the strength and health of the eyes, but to help regulateblood vessels and cells that help feed the cornea, macula and retina, as well as the balance between rod and cone presence in eye tissues, but may alsohelp potentially counteract excessive pro-inflammatory agents, including ctyokines,prostaglandins and leukotreines, which causefree radical and oxidative damage to eye tissue, and are generally the major drivers for macular degeneration.

The role of adapatogen immune regulation is foundational to eye health and the success in controlling proper inflammatory response in the body as adaptogens may help soothe an over stimulated immune system or may help up regulate an under performing immune response - as needed. Now that is plant intelligence!

Protecting myelin sheath health is vital in cases of vision decline and overall eye health. Once myelin sheath is damaged, it is generally understood that no real corrective interventions, short of surgery, are available because very few plant resources have a direct impact on myelin sheath regeneration.

However, LONG TIME NO SEE* contains a diverse variety of plants that may help exert alterative adaptogen actions against excess cortisol production and undue eye pressure which generally causes damage to the optic nerve, resulting in glaucoma and varying forms of vision loss. LONG TIME NO SEE* also contains layers of vulnerary or wound healing actions, that in the event of injury or defect to eye tissue or health, may help run an interference against the pro-inflammatory agents that would normally accelerate vision decline. If unchecked, glaucoma can progress to acute vision loss, including blindness.

Myelin sheath not only supports vision health but originates in theCentral Nervous System, which nourishes the communication pathway from the brain to the eyes, but also supports neurotransmitters which are tasked with sending and receiving messages from the brain to all other parts of the body, meaning vision decline has profound actions beyond quality in sight.

LONG TIME NO SEE* CAPSULES may help assist in limiting neural inflammation that leads to ocular decline related to excessive inflammation to eye tissue and may potentially help stimulate cells tasked with creating myelin sheath or repairing myelin sheath due to injury, trauma or defects commonly associated with GAG (glycosaminoglycan) production.

Similarly, it has been documented with potentially helping to stimulate supportive connective tissue and structural formations in the body, and may have a significant antioxidant role in potentially limiting other drivers which attack and destroy delicate eye tissues, like excess adrenalin and cortisol (naturally occurring steroidal hormones), elevated blood pressure, endotoxins and other stress hormones. Elevated adrenalin and cortisol from stress and high blood pressure are particularly dangerous as it interrupts proper metabolic function related to waste removal throughout the body. When metabolics are interrupted, it launches free radicals that immediately attack the macula portion of the eyes.

One key ingredient is Camu Camu, which is a premium antioxidant,super food, water soluble and fat soluble super berry plus super vitamin and super mineral nutrient adaptogen, which may help your pet's body with a variety of critical functions, includingto potentially help stimulate collagen production and may help build myelin sheath, due to its strongly antioxidant proanthocyanins, flavonoid and glycosaminoglycan (GAG's) content,which may be instrumental in helping build and potentially repair myelin sheath found in connective eye tissues.

Camu Camu contains building actions related to all 5 types of collagen production, including the following types of collagen specific to vision health:

Type III: Related to the tiny fibers that comprise organs, skin, blood vessels and heart tissues; may help provide tensile elasticity to skin and tissues. A deficiency of Type II collages has been attributed with vision decline and cardiovascular conditions.

Type V: Comprises the many tiny fibers of collagen itself, found in eye tissue, hair follicles, cell surfaces and placenta tissues.

Type X: Collagen involved in direct formation of bones and articular cartilage and connective tissues. May be important in helping repair synovial fluid transference to the eye and joint tissues, especially when defect or damage has occurred.

LONG TIME NO SEE* is also used traditionally to help address eye trauma and injuries, conjunctivitis, dry eye, eye strain and distorted vision. Further, it gives us interesting insight into how interconnected the body systems are as steroidal hormones and synovial fluid from the brain directly feed eye health, and from there, communicate throughout the body to all body systems such as the cardiovascular, digestive, immune and urogenital systems to help maintain balance. A defect in proper stress response of synovial fluid transference through the body can, over time, lead to a decline in eye health, but also, reduce wellness in other body systems.

INGREDIENTS: Includes a proprietary herbal blend which includes Camu Camu and Horsetail.


Do not give to pregnant or nursing dogs and cats.


None specifically reported. May interact with diuretic, cardiovascular, hypotensive, hypoglycemic, cholinergic and blood pressure lowering medications.


Cautioned for use with diuretics and blood pressure lowering drugs and pets diagnosed with hyperkalemia (rare) and hypoglycemia as It might raise blood sugar levels and may potentiate medications used to treat hypertension


Dogs and cats up to 12 pounds: 1 capsule, one time daily.

Dogs and cats 13-25 pounds: 1 capsule, two times daily. Dogs and cats 26-50 pounds: 2 capsules, two times daily.

Dogs 51-75 pounds: 3 capsules, two times daily

Dogs 76+ pounds: 4 capsules, two times daily.

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