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Zampa Pet Portable Crate, Comes with A Carrying Case

Zampa Pet Portable Crate, Comes with A Carrying Case

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Animal travel carrier makes more sense when you are planning a vacation, camping trip or vet visits. But this portable pet crate by Zampa is a high-mobility kennel that can be used anywhere as a temporary or permanent pet house. Unlike the cage-like pet carriers, this foldable crate offers plenty of soft space to your pet to play around safely. Apart from providing a durable kennel to your pet, this pet accessory is designed to sustain everyday wear and tear. Borrowing the best features from various pet transporting equipment, this collapsible pet house provides maximum safety to your pet at home & away.
Crate-Training Den for your Furry Friend. This pet kennel is the best choice for puppies or kittens in the process of crate training – ensuring that they familiarize their kennel as a safe place. With an increased feeling of security and comfort, it helps in housebreaking the little puppies and teaching them the desirable behavior. This pet training accessory also ensures that untrained, new pets don’t ruin your floor until they are fully trained.
Easy to Set-Up, Easy to Fold. Lay the Crate flat, Release the clips on both the sides. Pull the 2-piece top bar using both hands carefully. When fully extended, join them together. Repeat this process for the top bars of other side.
A Pet House which is Easy to Clean. Being a pet lover, we know that everyone wants to take their pet at every place they go! Zampa Pet Crate makes it possible for you without letting the cleaning chaos be a hurdle. Each pet home is constructed with a sturdy and easy-to-clean material covering the one-piece steel frame. Simply remove the washable cover and get it cleaned – making it as clean as a new one!

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